The nominee of a member of the fund or the members of his family defined shall be entitled to an amount of Rs 1 lakh as Ex-Gratia benefit in the event of the death of the member arising out of an accident .

A member of the fund in case of his claims for financial assistance or members of his in the order of their priority specified in the case of the death of the member shall submitted to the Chief Executive Officer or any other officer authorised by him, an application in form 9 along with the following documents:-

In the case of death,  Death certificate issued by competent authority

In case of permanent total disablement,-

(1) A certificate issued by a Government medical officer, not belong the rank of Assistant Surgeon clearly stating the cause and nature of permanent total disability

In the case of application claiming medical benefit under paragraph 60 AA,-

  (i) Application in form 9

 (ii) Certificate obtained from his employer that he is still in his service    and that he is on leave for undergoing treatment

  (iii) A certificate obtained from the unit chief or the head of the Institution, where the member has undergone or has to undergo treatment; regarding the details of treatment given or required to be given and the maximum amount spent or expected to be spent for this treatment;

 (iv) The original bills and vouchers dully certified by the authorised medical officer who was in charge of his treatment, if the claim is made after treatment;

 (v) Certificate of death of the member obtained form the competent authority if the claim is made by his nominee or any members of his family after his death.


(2) In the case of claim for Ex-Gratia death benefit a nominee or members of his family as defined shall submit Chief Executive Officer or any other officer authorised by him, and application in Form 9.B along with the following documents-

   (a)   copy of certificate of death issued by competent authority;

   (b)   copy of the First Information report about the accident obtained from the Police Department;

   (c)   copy of the Post-mortem report issued by the competent authority;

   (d)   copy of the relevant page of the Ration  Card in which the name of the diseased member was included;

  (e)   copy of the certificates showing the applicants relationship with the deceased issued by the concerned Village Officer;


(3) The Chief Executive Officer or any other officer authorised by him shall make necessary enquiries about the application with in 60 days of the receipt of the same and issue appropriate orders, subject to the decision of the Board


(4) The Chief Executive Officer or any other officer

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